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S5 Image and Content Fader

The S5 Image and Content Fader is demo'd at the top of this page. It allows you publish your own content into each slide transition. The S5 Image and Content Fader is powered by S5 Effects. This means you will not receive any conflicts with other javascript libraries your template, modules or components might be using.

This module includes the following features which you can see below in the module admin screenshot:

1. Specify height and width of images
2. Up to 10 images able to rotate at one time
3. Set background color
4. Set how fast the image fades (tween time)
5. Set how long the image displays before fading
6. Each image slide can have its own hyperlink
7. Publish your own content to each picture slide
8. Choose font and background colors
9. Choose opacity of background color
10. Set font size and paddings
11. All settings are independent for each slide
12. Not all slides require text
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